Our Plan to BETTER Kansas

Kansas is on the wrong track today.

Republicans and Democrats alike agree that business as usual is not working for Kansas and change is needed. The question is what that change should look like.

Republicans know that we cannot tax or spend our way back into prosperity like some Liberal Democrats in Topeka have proposed. There is no single tax increase or closed loophole that can alone solve our budget woes.

Senate Republican nominees understand that the urgent situation we face needs to be solved by an all above approach that will require a hard look at government spending, the current tax system, and economic growth.

Our plan is based on a return to bedrock Kansas common-sense principles of governing that have served our state well for generations:

• Fiscal responsibility that holds down spending and taxes while ensuring that core services are properly funded.
• A balanced budget that mandates that we treat the state budget like you treat your family budget, by living within our means.
• A tax system that is set at the lowest, flattest and fairest rate possible for individuals and businesses, to ensure that Kansas thrives.
• An education system that makes sure every classroom around the state receives the funding they need to provide a high quality education.

We are making these promises in order to BETTER Kansas and best represent you. We hope that you and your neighbors will join us to create a BETTER Kansas.

To A BETTER Kansas,

Susan Wagle (District 30), Senate President

Steve Fitzgerald (District 5)
Jim Denning (District 8)
Julia Lynn (District 9)
Caryn Tyson (District 12)
Jake LaTurner (District 13)
Bruce Givens (District 14)
Dan Goddard (District 15)
Ty Masterson (District 16)
Jeff Longbine (District 17)

Dave Jackson (District 18)
Rob Olson (District 23)
Randall Hardy (District 24)
Jim Price (District 25)
Dan Kerschen (District 26)
Gene Suellentrop (District 27)
Mike Petersen (District 28)
Carolyn McGinn (District 31)

Larry Alley (District 32)
Mary Jo Taylor (District 33)
Ed Berger (District 34)
Rick Wilborn (District 35)
Elaine Bowers (District 36)
Bud Estes (District 38)
John Doll (District 39)
Rick Billinger (District 40)

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